Bearded dragons are getting popular in the pet community because they are very common and available at many places. These reptile pets are docile and friendly; easy to handle and play with once they are familiar with the owner. If the owners are spending much of the time with them, they will be quite close to their owners. As clarified by most of the pet owners, they are saying that their bearded dragons are quite attached to them.

The facts about bearded dragons:

This reptile is one of the family members of Agamidae, named Pogona in scientific term. The origin places of the dragons are from Australia. They can be found in the mainland of Australia or near the coastal areas.

The common bearded dragons that can be found in the pet shops today mostly are inland bearded dragons or sometimes known as central bearded dragons. They are named as such due to their natural habitat in the wild where they can be found; in central or mainland of Australia.

There is another type of bearded dragon where their natural habitat is near the coastal area. They are better known as coastal bearded dragon. They used to be very popular in the pet community but are getting less now.

Other than 2 of these popular dragons, less common types of bearded dragons are Rankins and Vittikins. These are the reptiles which are quite hard to find in the pet shops.

All of these reptiles are quite similar, but may be slightly different in size or their colors. They can be categorized as mid-size pet dragons. Males can grow up to about 24 inches long, and females about 20 inches. Their tail is about half of the body length.

Bearded dragons have rough skin on the back and side of the body but soft along the belly part.

The lifespan of the bearded dragon is about 7 years or more.

Due to the strict rules of international pet trading, most of the bearded dragons found in United States and United Kingdom are captive bred locally. Most of the time, the bearded dragons that are on sale in pet shops today are mainly inland or central dragons where most of the hobbyist may find them. 

Bearded dragons can be great pets for lizard beginners and experienced reptile hobbyists, but they do require some specialized care. My hope is that this website will be dedicated to providing as much information to the pet lizard owner as possible.

Bearded dragons are a very docile reptile that breed well in captivity. This pet would be one of the best choices for any pet owner that would like to adopt a reptile.