Great bearded dragon housing is important for this pet as this is where they spend most of their time. An appropriate cage setup will make sure that your pet lizard is comfortable all time.

There are many housing options that you can use for your bearded dragon, including commercial available reptile cages, tanks and aquariums or you may build your own bearded dragon cage based on your imagination, effort, and budget. If you are building one, please make sure that your bearded dragon cage plans meet the basic requirements for the lizard.

Many tank decor supplies can be used for a better look, including the design that is matching the natural habitat of bearded dragons. I’ll share with you how to do that. I’ve included a complete guide on necessary vivarium decors and supplies that make your bearded dragon happy. There are several things you may need to know for habitat and cage setup.

Try to mimic their natural habitat as close as possible, proper setup for your pet dragon cage is an essential.

It does not really matter what  you use, as long as it meets the basic requirement, it would be considered a good house. 

There are some simple guidelines in housing bearded dragons you may need to know. There are different types of housing options that you can use to make a sweet home for your pet dragons. Each has its pros and cons. There are many criteria's that you need to justify, such as budget, maintenance, time and space availability.

One of the most basic in housing, yet being ignored is the setting up of the cage for your bearded dragon first before bringing the dragon home. Get the enclosure set up and operating at the right manner, making sure the minimum requirement such as basking spots, temperature gradient, lighting, decors, substrate and water bowl are provided. Most of the owners always setup their lizard cage when the bearded dragon is at home. This might increase the stress level of the pet, especially baby dragons or juveniles as they have just transferred from the breeder or pet store.

Bearded dragons in the wild need space, so do they in captivity. Ample space of the enclosure is one of the most important factors as a good bearded dragon cage. The bigger the better. They do well if a sufficient place is provided. A minimum reptile enclosure size for an adult bearded dragon would be 36″ x 18″ x 18″, which is approximately similar size with a 55-gallon fish aquarium.

If you are building or buying an enclosure for your bearded dragons, then try to plan for bigger reptile cage for your pet. Keep in mind bearded dragons need more floor space then vertical. A 42″ x 24″ x 20″ pet dragon cage is recommended.

Baby bearded dragon housing might be different from adult dragon housing. If the baby dragon is less than 6″ in size, then a 20-gallon fish tank should be sufficient and it is recommended. With a smaller enclosure, the baby dragons will feel more comfortable and it is easier for them to catch their food. Make sure to plan for a bigger enclosure within a month as they are growing rapidly.

Another temporary alternative solution in housing baby bearded dragons is using Rubbermaid tote. They are cheaper, easily cleaned but work well for young bearded dragons.

Remember to move the young bearded dragon to a bigger permanent pet dragon tank once they reach 6″ or more. 

Here are several décor options that you may use for your bearded dragon cage. Some are the must-have accessories but some are optional types. If you see something more unique from the internet or pet shop, you can add it to your bearded dragons vivarium at anytime as long as it is safe for your dragon.

Climbing Materials
Important decors for bearded dragons as they like to climb and perch. Their are several types of climbing material that you may choose from including driftwood and rocks.

Hide Box
It is a place for them to hide when they feel threatened and reduce their stress. A hide box is recommended.

Food Dish
This is an important area to place the bearded dragons food and diet such as mealworms, fruits or vegetables to avoid contact with the substrate.

Water Dish
This is nice addition but not necessary as bearded dragons seldom drink from the water dish. However, you should change your fresh water to avoid growing bacteria if you provide one.

There are some other decorations that you can add for your bearded dragon including background, plants or cosmetic decors. The additional will make the reptile cage more beautiful.

Bearded dragons housing substrate may be a controversial topic if you have done your researches. Many pet owners or breeders have different opinions on how to select the most suitable substrate for the pet. In this section, I will include lots of information about housing substrates.

There are several tips about bedding your bearded dragon’s cage with different types of substrate. Pros and cons about these substrates are discussed here. You may refer to my opinions and select the most suitable substrate for your pet.

It does not matter much on which type of reptile substrate that you select for your bearded dragons, as long as they are enjoying their home and you are fine with the budget because some of the substrate might be expensive to use if you have a large bearded dragon cage. 

There are many substrate options that you can choose from the pet market, but not all the substrates are good for your bearded dragons. These are several reptile substrate choices that you can use.

This is the one many people use to create the naturalistic environment of bearded dragons, however there are many pet owners that worry about the impaction that might happen. This substrate is NOT recommended!

Shelf Liner
Non-adhesive shelf liner can minimize the risks of impaction, makes a better appearance than newspaper and it is easy to clean.

Newspaper is one of the good substrate options which is readily available, economical, and easy to clean. The main drawback is the way it looks. Newspaper is recommended for dragons 1 year and younger to stop impaction.

Reptile Carpet
Reptile carpet is a good substrate that can be maintained easily. It is comparable to the functionality of newspaper with better appearance but you need to spend a little money for this.

Ceramic Tiles
It can be a very good option for your bearded dragon bedding that you may consider to use. It may heat up very well under the basking light that becomes a warming platform for your bearded dragon.

These are several good choices if you wonder on which types of substrate you can use for your pet dragons.

In conclusion, a good substrate should be beneficial for your bearded dragon, easy to clean, economical, and pleasing to your eyes.