Handling bearded dragons is so nice making them one of the pet reptile choices. You may hold them as they are docile and have great personalities. This may be the greatest reason why this pet is getting very popular in the pet industry especially among the reptile hobbyists.

However, handling beard dragons may need several skills and techniques. You need to know the proper way to handle and pick up the bearded dragons without frightening and hurting them.

Even if you are close with your pet dragons, you should always keep in mind the hygienic care between you and your bearded dragons for keeping them away from illness and diseases.

Bearded dragons are docile and friendly, but there are some that can be aggressive and resist handling which need to be restrained and tamed.

There are methods and techniques in restraining a bearded dragon. If the dragons are calmer, if you handle them frequently they will be tamed eventually.

An aggressive dragon can’t be restrained easily. Do not be afraid of the aggressive bearded dragon, start by briefly handling every day. You may need to move your hand a little quicker and handle it firmly with both hands. It may give warning signs, let it go if it is getting aggressive. Try several times on other attempts until you hold it eventually.

Petting the bearded dragon is needed once you hold it. This should be done more frequently for an aggressive dragon and it will be restrained and tamed in several weeks.

If your bearded dragon is extremely aggressive, you may try to handle them after switching off the enclosure lighting. It will be easier to do this because the dragon is going to sleep and it will not be so resistant to handling. Be persistent and hopefully your pet dragon is open for restraining and petting.

Restraining bearded dragons needs some effort. However, it is the greatest part of having bearded dragons as a reptile pet. Practice makes perfect. A frequent handling will make your pet become more docile and friendly, especially when it gets older.

The docility of bearded dragon makes it a great reptile pet for handling, it will tolerate it well if you handle it frequently. However, not every bearded dragon enjoys being handled. In General, handling them is fairly simple.

Bearded dragon handling is easy if you know how to handle it with care. The most basic of handling bearded dragons is never lift them up by their tail. If roughly handled, and the tail is injured, it won’t be regenerated like other lizards do. 

Before handing your pet dragon, make sure that there is no disturbance in the surrounding area, especially when you have other pets such as cats or dogs; make sure they do not get close to your pet dragon. This may frighten and shock them and they will try to escape or leap out of your hand.

Bearded dragons do not like to be handled roughly. They may feel threatened. When you first handle your bearded dragon try to find a stress free environment, most of the dragons will be more relaxed and it will be easier to handle after they get used to being held. Just be careful if they find they are threatened, they might bite your hand.

It is easy to pick up a bearded dragon. You should be calm and confident and not hesitate while picking up them; otherwise you may over react and scare the reptile. When picking them up, you may gently scoop them up from their underbody. When your bearded dragon feels safe, you may lift it up. Try to support the body as whole as possible. If one of the legs is left unsupported, it may become uneasy and start flapping around.

When approaching your bearded dragons, try to pick up and hold them from the side and not from the top because they may get scared. If you are trying to place your pet dragon on top of your shoulder, please be careful as certain bearded dragons may jump off from there.

Handling bearded dragons is easy if you follow the correct methods as mentioned. Do not hold them for over long periods of time because they may get stressed. You should handle your bearded dragon more frequent as this will help in taming them.