Most Bearded Dragon owners have one important question. Do I need to trim my beardies claws? The answer to this is most likely yes you will need to trim them at one point in time.

Having a wood log or branch in the vivarium with them will help keep the claws dull and manageable but they will still grow.

So the question is how do I trim my beardies claws? There are a few things you need to know:

1. Look at the diagram that I have included with this blog, you only want to trim the tip of the claw. Beardies claws have a quick in them and if you cut to far back their claws will bleed and become very sore.

2. Place your beardie on a flat surface or get someone to hold your beardie.

3. Gently take your beardies foot in hand and with a pair of human nail clippers carefully trim the very tip of your beardies claws. 

If done right you and your beardie will be very happy to have some trimmed claws.

At time in your beardies life he/she may end up ripping off a claw. Beardies claws are soft when young and can be ripped easily, if this happens and you notice your beardies claw is missing don't panic! 

Look at his toe and make sure there is no bleeding, if there isn't your beardie will be just fine. Give it time and the claw should grow back.

If there is bleeding you might have to try and stop it. First rinse the toe with water to remove any sand or dust then with corn starch on a que tip gently dab the end of your beardies toe till the bleeding stops.